Operations involving explosives are subject to strict regulations. Jowenko holds all the required licences and certifications.

Jowenko Explosieve Demolitie B.V holds an Explo II Certification entitling it to store, use and deal in all types of explosives in compliance with article 17 of the Dutch Explosives for Civil Use Act.

Jowenko Sprengarbeiten, Germany, holds a permit in compliance with ยง 7 of the German Explosives Act. This permit guarantee the use, movement and transport of explosives in Germany.

Dutch Health and Safety Decree 4.8 requires all operations involving explosives to be carried out by or under the direct supervision of an SKO-qualified and certificated explosives engineer (SKO is the Stichting voor de Certificatie van Vakbekwaamheid, a certification body in Holland issuing certificates of professional competence which state the holder's qualifications). Jowenko has 7 certificated explosives engineers.
An individual, very extensive and detailed explosives plan is drawn up for every operation.

Jowenko's explosives engineers also hold the German Certificate of Qualifications and the European Certificate for Shotfiring issued by The European Federation of Explosive Engineers.

Jowenko's explosives capabilities cover:
  • Basic explosives operations

  • Buildings and high structures

  • Underwater explosive operations

  • Explosions in hot masses

  • Electrical detonation systems

  • Non-electrical detonation systems

  • Electronic detonators
All Jowenko employees involved in the transport of explosive materials hold an ADR certificate endorsed for category 1 materials, and Jowenko has its own Explosive Materials Safety Adviser.

All Jowenko companies are certified in compliance with the ISO-9001:2000 standard and the latest VCA* standard (Contractors' Checklist on Safety, Health and Environment).

Permits en certificates

A reference CD is available on request.