All explosions cause vibrations. If required, Jowenko can record and analyse the vibrations using its own equipment.

The company uses Instantel Minimate-plus three-shaft acceleration recorders, each connected to a separate monitor.

If required, the results can be read off on a laptop onsite and printed out in colour.
Blastware Advanced
Blastware Advanced is installed on the laptop used for this purpose. This enables the vibrations to be tested against the desired specification.

Wall undermining
Jowenko Explosieve Demolitie B.V. (the Jowenko Explosive Demolition Company) has had a sophisticated specialist computer program developed to calculate the characteristics of highly reinforced concrete chimneys and provide total assurance that they will fall in the desired direction or collapse vertically, thus finding their own direction as they go down.
For chimneys of this type, the entire toppling process is calculated both statically and dynamically in relation to their wall thickness, concrete strength and weight.

Once the parameters are input, this program calculates the toppling process with 100% certainty.